The Sun Porch


The Sun Porch is the first room to be completely restored and recreated at Clara and Henry Ford's Fair Lane!

An incredible amount of time, care, research and detail went into the project to make the restoration as beautiful and accurate of a representation as possible. Dozens of skilled artisans and craftspeople contributed to this space, pouring their labor and love into every detail.

The amount of expertise that went into this one room is astounding – Christman Company with the windows, Pewabic Pottery recreating the lamps, our own staff of conservators restoring the metalwork and rewiring the chandeliers, the artist who painted the faux wood-graining on the window trim, the experts at Hagopian who made the rug, and the artisans who recreated wicker furniture, the curtains and more.

To learn more about the artisans, check out our Follow the Project blog!


The Sun Porch was significant to the Ford Family. It was where they gathered as a family, shared many hours together with their grandchildren, read the paper, viewed nature.

It was also one of the rooms in most need of repair, with extensive water damage and wear and tear over the years. We knew we could bring this room back to life in a dramatic fashion.

The thousands of visitors to Fair Lane over the years have been able to look at the historic pictures to try and help them imagine what the Sun Porch was like. But a two-dimensional, black and white photograph can only tell so much of the story. The colors, the textures, the patterns, the details … It’s incredible to see them all put together and brought to life and into living color.



When visitors come to this space, and the other rooms when fully restored, they will be immersed in Clara and Henry Ford’s world. They will experience the Sun Porch as Henry and Clara knew it, so they can really understand who these amazing people were, how they lived, and what life was like for them a hundred years ago.

This is just the start. We are now working on the other rooms in the estate, and recreating and re-imagining what the Henry Ford Estate will be for future generations to experience.

We are looking forward to programs that will bring the community into the estate to see the progress, and at the same time we are working on how visitors will experience the estate when we are finished with the next phase of restoration.

You can be part of that story and the effort to bring back Fair Lane. Click here to see how you can help to make it possible!